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about_usHi, I’m Chuck and I want to personally thank you for stopping by to visit us online here at Chuck’s AC.

We are a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning business that has been serving the Austin, Texas since 1984.

We Want To Make A Difference — NOT Just A Living

I along with my wife Eunice started our company to not only make a living, but make a difference in our community. We have always believed that our customers should be treated exactly the way we would want to be treated and that is exactly what we have strived to do by offering high quality products and unmatched customer service.

As with any business first starting out, times were hard. We had to rely on word of mouth references just to get our phone ringing. Today we still rely on word of mouth. We realized back then how important it is to treat your customers right. We learned a lot those first few years. Besides the importance of good customer service, we learned that providing quality products is equally important.

We Have Learned That VALUE Is What Our Customer Want

To begin with, we were all about having the cheapest price. However, we learned the hard way that being able to offer the cheapest price usually means having to offer low quality equipment. Low quality equipment means having a lot of call backs due to the equipment breaking down.

That is when we started installing higher quality equipment. And you know what we found – our customers were happier! We had way fewer call backs and failures to fix which left us more time to get further training to better understand your heating and air conditioning needs.

Chucks Air Conditioning Is A FAMILY Business

As I mentioned earlier, we are a family business. I, my wife Eunice, and our sons and daughter work together to take care of all of our customer’s heating and air conditioning needs. Our son Matthew is a full time employee who will some day take over the reins and run the company. He has been certified by the EPA and is registered with the state as a certified tech.

Our younger son Jacob, a graduate from Texas A & M , works for us on his days off from H. E. B. where he is currently a manager. Our daughter, Diana, is a graduate from Texas State University. When she is not working as a manager of the booking department of H.E.B., she helps out in the office doing clerical work, answering the phones and believe it or not, even working in the field.

We Service Austin, Texas and All Surrounding Communities

We are happy to be a part of the Austin, Texas community and are proud to provide the service we do. We truly have the best interest of our customer’s at heart. We believe that a happy customer will refer our company to others. So, we go out of our way to ensure the best possible service for each and every one.

Contact Us: We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

If you have been looking for a heating and air conditioning company to take care of your needs, give us a call here at Chuck’s AC. We can guarantee, you’ll be glad you did!