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Since 1984, Chucks AC has been locally owned and operated and we like to say “better by choice”. We have always been committed to providing the top shelf services that are friends and neighbors deserve in Austin TX. Our services help you to keep your air conditioning system running at its best and if your old system goes out we can be there right away with a new one! Our philosophy is simple, we treat people the way we want to be treated, our customers are after all our neighbors. Unlike national chain outfits, we will be here for generations to come with the same vested interest in serving our community. We are better by choice because it is just what we do. We offer honest services because that is the only way we know how to do business.

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Keep Cool in the Heat with a Properly Functioning AC

Hot Texas summers can seem like they drag on forever and ever. When temps start to soar into the 100s, the only thing you can think about is getting cool and staying cool. The key is a properly functioning AC. When your AC is acting up, it’s time to contact a trusted AC repair company in Austin, TX, like us, to get your unit restored and you cooled down.

When Should I Contact an AC Repair Company?

In some cases, your AC might seem like it’s not cold enough, it’s taking too long to cool your home, it’s blowing warm air or it’s stopping and starting. These are perfect examples of when it’s time to contact us for some AC maintenance to pinpoint the exact problem. A professional technician can come out to your home, assess your unit and test various parts to see whether they need to be repaired or replaced. A quick AC service can save you money in the long run.

What If I Need a Replacement?

If your entire unit is completely done for, our AC repair company can come out and install a new unit for you. Our company will give you the best options to suit you and your home’s needs. The technician can remove the old unit and replace it with the upgraded unit to cool you and your family down. Air conditioning installation is a perfect way to help save on your electricity bill, too, since new models are so much more energy efficient. Whether you need maintenance, repair or installation, you can contact our friendly, professional and experienced team to handle all your needs.

Our Services

At Chucks, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service. Our best advertising is our satisfied customers. Every service that we provide, we provide by keeping in mind that our customers want value. We offer high quality services that include:

Air Conditioning
Repair Service

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Central Air
Conditioning Repair

AC Maintenance

Our goal has always been to provide the type of services in our community that would better the lives of the community members and we have been doing that for over 30 years!

Our Promise

We will respond quickly to your call. We will always have a certified technician ready to help. We will give you pricing up front and answer any questions that you have. We stay abreast of the latest trends in air conditioning so that we can provide you with the best service options. We are there when you need us.

Contact us today and ask about financing options on a new unit, or make an appointment for repairs and service!


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What People
Say About Us

  • I’ve been using Chuck’s A/C for 10 years and have always had great experiences. They were there for me every time my aging unit wheezed and stuttered. When it came time to replace it I shopped around but Chuck’s price, service and integrity won out.

    I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a business you can build a relationship with, trust and turn to when you need a hand.

  • I had them out to service my A/C very helpful knew their stuff. they communicated when they were on the way over and arrived on time- didnt leave me hanging all day for sometime between 9-5.

    would recommend them for any heating and air conditioning work you need.

  • I called Chuck’s on a Friday afternoon in July. I was sure that they would tell me what all the others would. That it would be Monday before they could see me. Chuck’s got there the same day. And I was shocked to find out that all I needed was a wire repaired. I was ready to be taken to the cleaners.

    I was sure that they would tell me I needed a new system,(since mine was so old). I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Chuck is a lifesaver! Our AC stopped cooling on a Saturday when the temperature outside was 106. After calling several places who listed themselves as being open but not answering the phone, Chuck himself picked up and saved the day. After talking with me for a few minutes and walking me through a few tests to see what the actual problem was, he determined that is was just the thermostat that had gone bad, which I could run to the store and purchase immediately. He saved us a repair visit and did not even charge for the time he spent helping me. Later that evening, he called back to make sure we were doing all right. We were, thanks to him. Go with Chuck!

  • I highly recommend Chuck’s AC!! They’re fast(key in hot TX summers), friendly, honest, offer quality service..I only have good things to say about them. Added bonus that you’re supporting a local, family owned company. I had them install a whole new unit on a whim and plan on using them for years to come for HVAC maintenance!

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