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Carolyn Vail

Excellent service, whether a new installation (I just had one) or seasonal maintenance.
Professional and friendly.

Lisa G.
Austin, TX

I have been using Chuck’s heating and air for many years!  I couldn’t be happier with their service. It is a family owned business which I think is a plus.  I just got home and found water leaking from the attic into my closet.  I called Chuck’s and Matt was here in about 20 minutes, it is over 90 degrees today so I felt lucky!  They are professional, friendly, timely and honest.  My units are over 18 years old and I attribute that to Chuck’s.  Matt even helped me with my computer one time when he was at our house!!  I will continue to use them for all of my ac/heating needs.  My husband owns a 100 year old house in downtown Austin and he uses them as well.  We highly recommend them.  I feel blessed to have found them years ago.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you!!

Westlake Hills Homeowner – dgorthy – April 21st, 2009

I had never used Chucks Heating and Air. I had them come to my house on April 14, 2009. Matt was the technican and he was great! He showed up on time and was very professional. He was here to do a checkup on my two air-conditioning so that they would be ready for the summer months ahead. He explained everything that he found in “layman” terms which I appreciated very much. He gave me tips on things that I could do to keep the units running efficiently. He replaced much needed parts on the units that should help them last longer. He treated me with such great respect and didn’t do anything without asking me and even took the time to explain all of the work he wanted to do to my husband on the phone. And guess what? He did all of this with a smile on his face!! I would highly recommend Chuck’s to anyone who wants a honest company to work on any heating or air conditionng needs they may have. Call them and I guarantee that you will be happy you did!


I called Chuck’s on a Friday afternoon in July. I was sure that they would tell me what all the others would. That it would be Monday before they could see me. Chuck’s got there the same day. And I was shocked to find out that all I needed was a wire repaired. I was ready to be taken to the cleaners. I was sure that they would tell me I needed a new system,(since mine was so old). I would recommend them to anyone.

Great Service

I had them out to service my A/C very helpful knew their stuff. they communicated when they were on the way over and arrived on time- didnt leave me hanging all day for sometime between 9-5.
would recommend them for any heating and air conditioning work you need.


Chuck’s AC is a good and honest company. This is my second time using them and once again I am pleased with them. I had a problem at one of my duplexes where AC would not go down past 78 degrees. Chucks AC went over fixed the problem and only charged me a service charge. They could have told me that I needed a new Airconditoner or charged me a bunch of money for parts that I did not need. I recommend them!!!

Austin, TX

I love Chuck’s! I have been using them for at least 15 years. Whenever I call they try first to resolve my problem over the phone.

My heater would not come on so I called for an appointment. Matthew said they could not get to me today. This was at 10:00 am. Oh no, it is supposed to be 40 tonight! ( Matthew told me this summer to GET RID OF THE FREE CITY THERMOSTAT. He explained the city does more than you are aware of via the thermostat.)
He waited on the phone while I crawled in the attic to flip a switch. That wasn’t it. I told him I had replaced my tstat with a new one, the brand he told me to get. We talked about wires and come to find out there is a U shaped thing that I had taken off the tstat when I installed it. I fashioned a new one using a wire he suggested and I HAD HEAT!!!! YAY!

I will not have to go without heat tonight and ONCE AGAIN Chuck’s solved my problem over the phone. They are simply the best!!!

Austin TX

Matthew asked me to write a review after he was at my house on a Saturday afternoon. They are a great company. I had another company that had been trying to fix my a/c for two weeks. It is an older unit. They kept telling me that I needed to replace it. They would charge me to come out and fix one broken wire after another. When it broke again on a Saturday afternoon, I could not get them to come out until Monday. I was in a panic. I asked my neighbor who he trusted. They said to call chuck’s. When I did I spoke with a woman who said that she could have some one there within the hour. It turns out the person was Chuck’s son Matthew. He pointed out right away a part that was bad. He took out his equipment and measured this silver box thing. He showed me what the part was rated at and what it was actually showing. Then he took a new one off his truck and when he measured that one he showed me why the old one was no good. I have never had a service company care if I believed they where telling me the truth. I was shocked. This other company was patching the problem. Matthew fixed it. It has been 4 months now and no problems yet. Knock on wood. It is a pleasure talking to these guys, I wish that I had found them long ago. When anyone ask me who I use, you can bet I tell them Chucks.

Mike C.
Austin TX

When I first met Chuck and Matthew they were installing an air conditioning unit at the metal shop where I was working. This was in the office mind you, forget the shop, we needed some place to get out of the heat. Chuck and his son fixed us up and didn’t complain about the small space they had to work in. I was so impressed with their work that when I had my first problem with our a/c unit at my house, there was only one choice for me. I called Chuck’s. And I have called them ever since. That was several years back. Just recently, when Austin experienced the big snow of 2010. I was on my way to bed and noticed the outside unit humming and the fan not spinning. Of course I thought it should be. So I turned the heater off, bundled up my two girls, and told my wife to cover up it’s going to be a cold night. First thing in the morning I called Chuck’s and told them what was up. They were able to get out to Kyle by 9:15 and when Matthew showed up was able to tell me what was wrong in about two seconds. Nothing was wrong. The unit was in defrost mode. Long story short, Chuck’s has always given my family and I great service when it comes to our a/c or heater. I know I can count on them to get the job done.

Austin TC

I had Chuck’s out this past week. Dec of 2009, right before christmas. His son Matt was the guy who did the work. He showed up on time. Wow how often does that happen today. He had the part on his van to fix my heater. He told me how much it would be before he took any parts of my heater. I hate it when repair people dis assemble my stuff before they get permission. He showed me what was wrong. He really took the time I needed to show me how the heater worked and why the glow thingy was not working. After he replaced that bad part he took more time to explain how the heater starts up and the roll the bad part had played in the high tech electronics on my heater. The price was exactly what he said it would be. He even asked me if I wanted to keep the old part or if I wanted him to dispose of it for me. I really was pleased with my experince with this company. To many times in todays world, companies want to sell you new ac’s and not fix what can be. I was refered to chuck’s by my neighbor. I was a little worried because of the only other review on yelp. But my neighbor told me not to worry. I was glad I called chuck’s and would recommend them to all my friends and neighbors. Lance. North Austin.


I’ve been using Chuck’s A/C for 10 years and have always had great experiences. They were there for me every time my aging unit wheezed and stuttered. When it came time to replace it I shopped around but Chuck’s price, service and integrity won out.

I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a business you can build a relationship with, trust and turn to when you need a hand.


I would recommend Chuck’s Air Conditioning. They are prompt, don’t try to sell you things you don’t need, and charge a reasonable price!


Today was my first time using Chucks AC. My parents recommended them to me as they have been using them for years. They diagnosed, and fixed the problem in less than 2 hours.They were honest, and very knowledgeable. A+ Service. Thanks.