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When it comes to your air conditioning system, you want it to stay operating smoothly when you need it the most. Everyone knows just how important it is to have standard maintenance and routine checks on the vehicles we drive. Well, it is equally important that we do the same with our air conditioning units.

In order to keep your AC system running smoothly and efficiently, you need to take care of it with routine maintenance. And most of the maintenance can be done without having to call an AC company.

Here are some tips for home maintenance for you AC unit:

1. A clean filter is crucial to the proper operation of an a/c system.ac-filter-replacement-austin-texas

2. Even distribution of air thru-out the house by closing & opening vents, will assure uniform conditioning of each room. Caution should be taken to not close so many vents as to cause insufficient air flow across the evaporator coil.

3. Keeping the condensing unit & coils clean by hosing the debris away from the airflow access points.

4. Maintaining sufficient distance between condensing unit & objects that might restrict airflow across condensing unit coils.

5. Inspecting the ductwork routinely for damaged or pinched areas.

6. Regularly clean the condensate drain line from the evaporator coil by pouring a cleanser such as bleach into the line.

7. Make sure that all wiring to the outdoor unit is shielded from dogs or like animal that might chew on them.

8. A minimum of 200 square inches for each 12,000 btu’s of capacity is required for full utilization of efficiency for the average a/c system. Determine the capacity of your system from the name plate on the outdoor unit and calculate the appropriate airflow required needed.

9. The system will not function if the lower access door to a gas furnace is not properly replaced after the filter has been changed.

man spraying insect repellant to keep ants out of his air conditioner in austin texas

10. Keep an insect repellant around the outdoor unit to keep primarily fire ants away from electrical controls. Rain will wash this away so be sure to replenish accordingly.

11. Routine annual maintenance is not only advisable but required by all manufacturers’ to comply with extended warranty

Air Conditioning Tips:

Don’t cool unused areas. Close doors and registers to cut energy costs.

Keep the shades drawn in your house and the lights off. It will keep the temperature in your home cooler.

Remove any vine near the air conditioning. They can easily grow and intertwine themselves throughout the unit.

Operate stove, oven and dishwashers in the morning or evening when it’s cooler outside.

Set the temperature at 78 degrees when home, higher when the home is not occupied.

image of a programmable thermostat that can be installed to help you save energy in austin texasInstall a programmable thermostat.

Ceiling fans & whole house fans cool fast and cost much less to operate than air conditioning.

Don’t obstruct air registers with furniture, carpeting or drapes.

Replace incandescent lights with florescent lights or at least reduce the wattage of light bulbs in your lamps and light fixtures.

Check the refrigerant charge. The fluid in your air conditioner is a special refrigerant gas that is put in when the system is installed.

If it is overcharged or undercharged it will not work efficiently. This service must be performed by a qualified technician who is licensed and equipped to recapture any escaping gas from escaping into the atmosphere.