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How to Stay Cool Without an AC Unit

Posted 9 years ago

Set a fan in front of a window or door facing outside. Staying cool without using an air conditioning system can be quite challenging yet possible. To help you stay cool and comfortable until the last few dog days of summer are finally over, below are some tips.

–          Set a shallow dish of ice cubes in front of a fan to help air turn into a cool moist.

–          Put a cold cloth or a pack of ice on your pulse points to quickly cool down.

–          Unplug all electronics that you are not using as they give off heat when they are plugged in.

–          Set a fan in front of a window or door facing outside.

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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner Brand

Posted 9 years ago

Many AC servicing companies do their best to be impartial when it comes to naming or suggesting air conditioner brands to their clients, which is why doing your own research using certain guidelines may be a better idea.

In your research, you will find brands that feature advanced AC technology, which tend to be more expensive to buy, but will prove to be significantly more energy efficient in the long run. There are also generic brands that manufacture a variety of other appliances — their products may not be the best in the market, but are also not the most expensive. Lastly, there are significantly affordable brands that offer very little in terms of energy efficiency.
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