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AC Installation Issue Heats Up County Courthouse

Posted 9 years ago

Air Conditioner installation.

Things can get heated in courthouses, with tons of cases going through their doors on a daily basis. However, inside the Luzerne County Courthouse things are heating up because of a different reason.

The county’s supposedly brand new air conditioning system failed its occupants. The problem? There was an error during installation says operational services division head Tanis Manseau, despite the $401,186 contract with Hazleton-based Yannuzzi Inc., the company in charge of the upgrade.
“The piping from the new cooling tower into the chiller was installed backwards,”Manseau said. “It’s been exacerbated because it’s been hotter than blue blazes around here, which is unusual.”
Until the AC system is up and running as it should and doing it’s job to keep the Courthouse comfortable, employees and people going in and out to take care of their business will have to do it within humid halls.
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