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The Basics of Air Conditioning Repair

Posted 10 years ago

Before tinkering with your cooling system because you think there is something wrong with it, you should know the basics of troubleshooting it. Hastily doing any repair or adjustments without proper knowledge could only lead to serious problems.

Here are some things you should do to ensure its efficiency.

  • The filters are located at the blower unit and normally meet with the return duct. Check the filters once a month and make sure there are no dirt clogging it. Dirt buildup makes the unit shut down and slow down airflow. Change filters when necessary.
  • For the condenser to work well, there should be no dirt or dust building up around it that obstructs air flow. An exterior condenser should be free, at least two feet, from shrubs, woodpiles, and branches.
  • If you find mold growing in your ducts, make sure to notify an expert air conditioning company to do the cleaning.



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