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Staying Warm with Less Heat

Posted 10 years ago

Even if you live in an older and not too fancy houseEven if you live in an older and not too fancy house, there are still several ways to keep yourself warm even if you don’t have those high-tech heating solutions.

For instance, an effective solution would be to have your wrists and ankles properly covered. Heat is easily lost from these two areas of the body. Wear shirts with longer sleeves to cover your wrists and long socks for your ankles.

Don’t forget to wear slippers or house shoes with a solid bottom to create a barrier between your feet and the freezing floor. Going around barefoot or with just light socks on is a sure way to get cold.

Though it’s tempting to stay in bed all day, you should get up and get moving to increase your body temperature. Do simple activities like cleaning, doing some chores or playing with your kids.

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