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Safety Tips for Facing Extreme Weather Storms

Posted 10 years ago

Extreme thunderstorms have high wind speeds and pressures that it can uproot trees, cutoff sources of electricity, leave homes and streets devastated and destructed.

Because these extreme weather occurrences can be ruinous, careful planning and utmost preparation is integral. Safety experts believe that there are many things we can do to increase our chances of safety when extreme weather events hit our area.

The very first thing to do is have a family plan. Always make it a point that each household member knows the drill. For instance, the sound of a siren or an alarm is an indication to go to the basement or seek refuge at the neighbor’s place, in case you do not have one. Be sure that everyone knows what should be done depending on the natural disaster that would happen.

A few days before the natural calamity’s expected arrival, ensure that all outdoor fixtures and furniture are secure so they will not be turned into dangerous projectiles.

Read ‘Wild Weather: Storm Safety Tips’ for additional safety information that you should pay attention to.

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