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Repairing the Water Heater for Common Problems

Posted 10 years ago

Water HeaterA home’s water heater is an important part of a house because of the warmth it provides during cold weathers. There is no question that when it breaks down or malfunctions, the very first thing that a homeowner would want to do is to have it fixed.

Attempting to fix the water heater without proper training and sufficient experience will only do more damage than good. Hence, the following tips from the experts are brought in to help you:

  1. If the water coming out from the faucet is rusty or dark-colored, it is likely that the anode rod inside the tank has corroded or rotted. Check to see if this is true, and if it is, have it replaced right away.
  2. Sediments buildup will produce weird and annoying sounds coming out from the heating system. Although this is normal, it should be flushed immediately to avoid worse issues.
  3. Water coming out from the heating system that smells like rotten eggs imply that a bacterial infection is happening in the heater. Flush it completely and fill it with 2 pints of hydrogen peroxide solution before refilling.


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