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Preventing Pipes from Freezing Due to Cold Weather

Posted 10 years ago

Freezing water Pipes Since winter is still around and has quite no plans of leaving sooner, prevention and preparation will be your best weapon in battling the cold. Because the pipes serve as your water supply lines, it is best that you steer away from letting them freeze and break.

Follow the succeeding recommendations below:

– If you own a swimming pool, make sure to drain water by following the installer’s instructions. Never put antifreeze solutions in it unless directed by the installer.

– Close the inside valves that supply outdoor hose bibs. Then open the latter to let water drain. Keep it open to allow remaining water inside the pipes to expand without breaking them.

– Go around the house and check for areas with pipelines to see if there are any unheated sections. Make sure that you insulate both hot and cold water pipes.


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