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North Carolina Affected by Rising Temperatures

Posted 9 years ago

Lots of areas are experiencing extreme temperature rises right now specially at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

Lots of areas are experiencing extreme temperature rises right now. This is a drastic shift compared to the cold weather extremes of a few months prior. When back then the concerns were to prevent cold weather related risks or accidents, measures are now being taken and promoted to prevent heat related illnesses.

One of the areas experiencing the unrelenting heat and its effects is North Carolina.¬†Paramedics with Wake County EMS say they’ve responded to many calls from citizens who needed rescuing from heat stress or severe dehydration.
“We’ve responded to people who were out for a jog, came in and came crawling up to the door to let us in because they didn’t have the strength to stand up anymore, “said Jeff Hammerstein with Wake County EMS.
The State Health Department emphasized the need to drink lots of water and limit time spent under the sun. They also encourage people to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses.
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