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Maintaining the Swimming Pool Heater

Posted 10 years ago

Owning a swimming is an added luxury and responsibility to the homeowner. Regular maintenance is required to ensure its efficiency and performance. Not only is it used to cool off from the summer’s heat, it can also be used during colder days with a heater attached to the pool.

Installing a pool heater is one thing; regular maintenance is another. The latter is important to ensure that you can use the swimming area for as long as you can without problems in between.

Gas type heaters are the currently the widely used ones. To work, they need propane tanks or natural gas. Unfortunately, these are also the spiders’ and other insects’ favorite hiding place. Hence, it is highly advised to clean and get rid of any dust or dirt from the heating system to avoid clogs and other issues.

Electrical pool heaters are also quite the popular choice nowadays. They produce heat without the use of natural gas or propane tanks but with heating elements. When the elements become damaged, expertly replacing them is necessary.


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