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Helpful Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Posted 10 years ago

frozen pipe

Winter is continuously sweeping several areas in the United States to date. Therefore, making sure your house is able to withstand the cold temperatures is imperative.

Preparation and prevention is the key to addressing this predicament. Take time to read the following suggestions on preventing your pipes from freezing in this cold weather.

– If you are still living in an old house without sufficient insulation, it is highly recommended to turn up your thermostat to increase warm air temperature. Nonetheless, schedule a date to insulate the space as soon as possible.

– Fiberglass is expensive but is a great insulator. Make sure that the area where your pipes are located is properly insulated to avoid freezing.

– Consider installing a heating cable to keep pipes located in every nook and cranny from freezing. Hire a professional if you are unsure on how to install this device.

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