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Heater Maintenance, Making Sure It Lasts a Long Time

Posted 10 years ago

Man doing a heater maintenance.

When winter strikes, it is difficult to stay warm if you have no heater. Fortunately, many homeowners have understood the importance of having heating systems in their residences.

If you have a heater, here are some tips to make sure they last long and perform efficiently.

  • Vacuum and thoroughly clean the interior area of your furnace. Get rid of any debris and dust particles.
  • Make it a point to replace air filters monthly during winter season.
  • Check and make sure the oil bearings are lubricated properly.
  • Replace the fanbelt if you find any signs of wear and tear.
  • If you are hesitant, seek the help of an expert before anything else.
  • Always turn off the system before performing any inspections or repairs.


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