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Extreme Weather Situations Hurting Different Parts of the World

Posted 10 years ago

Extreme Weather Situations Hurting Different Parts of the World

Several states and countries may be experiencing extreme weather events as of late. Nonetheless, these are nowhere near the situations on some parts of the globe.

According to experts, the following are some of the devastating extreme weather situations the world has experienced lately.

– A historic drought is putting Sao Paulo, Brazil’s water supply in danger. Its water system, serving at least 10 million of its people, is usually cleansed every January of each year because it is the area’s peak rainy season. Due to extreme weather, however, little to no rain was witnessed and that can lead to water drying up in less than six weeks.

– The sweltering heat wave that Australia has faced last January resulted in dry conditions that lead to several wildfire cases. Record-breaking hot temperatures have been recorded since the beginning of the year.

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