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Broken AC in Post Office Causes Rise in Indoor Temperatures

Posted 9 years ago

This AC was busted, causing temperatures to rise from 85 to as high as 89 degrees.

Many factors in the office can influence your mood or desire to work and accomplish your daily tasks. They may involve co-workers, bosses, and even the environment. All these could make an employee motivated to work or want to stay home instead.

For instance, who would want to work in an environment that’s uncomfortably hot? That’s the kind of situation State Rep. Milo Smith discovered when he paid a visit to the downtown Columbus Post Office last Tuesday. The air conditioning was busted, causing temperatures to rise fromĀ 85 to as high as 89 degrees.
Smith contacted officials about the situation. Unfortunately, according to an article on The Republic, “The postal union has been told by postal officials that it could be a month or longer before the air conditioner is repaired or replaced.”
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