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AC Explosion Kills Man in Bangladesh

Posted 10 years ago

Sometimes bad air conditioner maintenance can lead to even bigger issues than high electricity bills and expensive repairs. That was probably the case when an AC unit of Hotel Six Seasons in Bangladesh exploded. Unfortunately, the incident was not without any casualties as one mechanic was killed on the spot while his two assistants were seriously injured.

According to an article on The Daily Star, “The dead was identified as Anwar Hossain, 25. The injured — Sohel Rana and Kartik — were admitted to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital.”
The explosion, although it did not seriously damage the multi-story building, was strong enough to destroy the windows of a house close by as broken pieces were hailed to the property.

Although the cause of the air conditioning unit blast still remains unclear, five employees of the Hotel Six Seasons have been detained.


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