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Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Coping with the Weather through Home Maintenance

Solar water heater plumbing overview

When it comes to home maintenance, weather is a major concern. Every season, homeowners need to employ efforts in order to make their homes more suitable to the weather. Otherwise, they feel the discomfort of an extremely hot or cold home, and their properties become easily susceptible to the harmful effects of these weather conditions.

  • During fall, shift your attention to your heating system — make sure the latter is clean and properly working, ready for the cold season.
  • Make sure that your house is properly insulated to keep the temperature comfortable during winter and summer.
  • Perform major cleaning and maintenance before the peak days of the hot and cold seasons begin.
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How to Make Your AC Last Longer

Programmable Thermostat
Most air conditioning units are made to last long. However, due to excessive and improper use, they usually breakdown before they’re meant to. Make sure that you maximize the use of your AC with the following tips:
  • Use the programmable thermostat to set the unit at a higher temperature when you’re not home.
  • Use the ceiling fan to lift some pressure off your AC.
  • Install blinds, shutters or curtains on the window to keep sunlight from filling the room.
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How to Beat Excessive Natural Heat

Stay in a cool place during excessive heat.As temperatures continue to rise, it is important that we stay safe and cool in order to avoid heat-related illnesses. Dr. Stephen Bashor from Genesis Medical Center emergency offered tips on how to avoid the harsh effects of heat wave.

–          Stay out of heat whenever possible.

–          Stay in a cool public place to get relieved if you don’t have an air conditioning unit.

–          Drink plenty of water.

–          Complete outdoor works earlier in the day.

–          Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages.

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Staying Cool with Using Air Conditioning

Stay cool with a glass of ice waterLast Thursday, as temperatures continue to rise, a heat alert was declared by the Department of Public Health within Southern California. Consequently, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department issued a list and map of community cooling centers as well as tips on how to stay cool without cranking your AC unit.

–          Stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water each day.

–          Don’t forget to use sunscreen and sunglasses when staying outdoors.

–          Take a cool bath or shower at least twice a day.

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End-of-summer AC Maintenance Tips

Have your AC  be check before you lay it down to restAs summer comes to an end, and homeowners begin to lay their air conditioners down to rest, another season deems to begin for the heating system. However, before leaving your AC and storing it for the cold season, here are some maintenance tips that you should remember:
  • Keep your AC efficient by changing the air filter regularly, even during non-everyday usage, and particularly when the material becomes dirty.
  • Don’t allow dirt and debris to settle on the condenser coil. Hose down the outdoor unit once every month.
  • Before moving from your AC to the furnace for the cold season, make sure you give the former one last inspection and cleaning.
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Cooling Tips for Summer

If you want to stay cool throughout the hot weather, you don’t necessarily have to crank up your air conditioning units and spend so much on your monthly utility bill. With cool beverages and deserts, you can certainly make your summer days totally bearable.

–          You can make freezer pops in various flavors.

–          Go ahead and purchase your own ice cream maker. Ice cream takes just a little time to harden.

–          Make your own iced coffee by combining sugar, milk and cold coffee.

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AC Maintenance Tips for Every Home

Check your AC regularly to avoid future problemsAir conditioner maintenance should be a priority in every home.To wait until major issues arise can have very negative effects, not only when it comes to your family’s comfort but also on the household’s finances.
  • Regularly clean the air filter of the unit — this should be done on a monthly basis. However, when the filter reaches the point when it requires more than just cleaning, it is important to have a replacement ready.
  • Make sure that the furnace is in perfect working condition. Have a licensed technician inspect the unit to ensure that everything is working properly and address problems if necessary.
  • Keep the outdoor unit safe from elements such as extreme heat or moisture, and other forms such as plant debris and dirt.
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Promoting a Comfortable Workplace During Summer and Winter

A comfortable and conducive workplace makes your employees more effective in their worksIn order to ensure your employees’ productivity, they need to be situated in a comfortable and conducive workplace. This normally becomes a problem during the hottest and coldest times of the year.
  • Have your building’s HVAC system regularly inspected to check for malfunctions and address minor issues that can lead to bigger problems in the future.
  • Checking the condition of the air filter and changing it when necessary allows your unit to run more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Keep the outside unit protected against various elements that can cause damage, such as extreme temperature, dirt and debris, and rodents and insects.
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