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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

HVAC System Maintenance Tips

Ductwork with Damper Valves for HVACAn HVAC system is a major investment for many homes which is why it is very important to observe proper measures to prevent deterioration and to prolong its usability.

  • Check the unit’s filter regularly and replace when necessary – ideally at least every 3 months. Invest on quality filters.
  • Clean the unit regularly and keep it protected from dirt, dust and debris, especially for outdoor units.
  • Keep refrigerant lines well insulated. Update the insulation when necessary.
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Helpful Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

frozen pipe

Winter is continuously sweeping several areas in the United States to date. Therefore, making sure your house is able to withstand the cold temperatures is imperative.

Preparation and prevention is the key to addressing this predicament. Take time to read the following suggestions on preventing your pipes from freezing in this cold weather.

– If you are still living in an old house without sufficient insulation, it is highly recommended to turn up your thermostat to increase warm air temperature. Nonetheless, schedule a date to insulate the space as soon as possible.

– Fiberglass is expensive but is a great insulator. Make sure that the area where your pipes are located is properly insulated to avoid freezing.

– Consider installing a heating cable to keep pipes located in every nook and cranny from freezing. Hire a professional if you are unsure on how to install this device.

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Extreme Weather Situations Hurting Different Parts of the World

Extreme Weather Situations Hurting Different Parts of the World

Several states and countries may be experiencing extreme weather events as of late. Nonetheless, these are nowhere near the situations on some parts of the globe.

According to experts, the following are some of the devastating extreme weather situations the world has experienced lately.

– A historic drought is putting Sao Paulo, Brazil’s water supply in danger. Its water system, serving at least 10 million of its people, is usually cleansed every January of each year because it is the area’s peak rainy season. Due to extreme weather, however, little to no rain was witnessed and that can lead to water drying up in less than six weeks.

– The sweltering heat wave that Australia has faced last January resulted in dry conditions that lead to several wildfire cases. Record-breaking hot temperatures have been recorded since the beginning of the year.

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Prevent Heater Breakdown with This Guide

heater coreIt is never a good thing to have a heater stop working especially in the colder days of the year. Whilst there are ways such as hiring a professional to fix the problem, it always is a better idea to prevent them from happening. Not only will the repairs be quite expensive, depending on the severity of the problem, but it also is a burdensome situation to be in.

Check out the ways to prevent heater breakdown, as provided by this page.

– Schedule repairs and inspections as needed. If you hear or experience anything unusual, ignoring it is foolish. Consult with an expert about your problem and have it addressed immediately.

– If possible, enroll your HVAC system in a reliable company’s regular maintenance service program. This may seem like an expense but it will guarantee you of a working and efficient heater all the time.Continue Reading

Troubleshooting a Malfunctioning Water Heater

a solar water heaterProper care and regular maintenance of your gas or electric water heaters will help prevent problems from appearing. Nevertheless, issues can arise at times you least expect them

If you experience a sudden drop in water temperature or no heat coming from the device at all, look into the following ideas to find out what is wrong.

  1. With the help of the manufacturer’s manual, if it still is present, turn off the power of the unit. In addition, shut down the main water supply to the unit.
  2. Open the water handle of a faucet near the equipment to allow water to drain. Remove any screws found below the unit that holds the heating chamber plate. Again, consult the manual for reference.
  3. Remove the plate and let water drain out before placing it back.
  4. Disconnect any wires connected or held in place by the screws. Wrap a cloth around to keep water from constantly dripping.
  5. With an adjustable wrench, loosen the nut and remove the heating element. Buy an exact replacement and install it properly. You can hire a professional to do the job if you are afraid of doing it yourself.

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Keep Your Pets Well-Adjusted to the Hot Weather

Woman hugging her dogAnimals are known to be less vulnerable to extreme temperatures than humans. However, their resistance also has a limit and it’s an owner’s responsibility to make sure they are well-adapted to their current environment.
  • It’s better to leave your pets at home than take them with you and leave them alone inside the car.
  • Provide a shady, cool and comfortable place for your pets in their shelters and inside the house.
  • Know the symptoms of animal heat-related complications and observe all preventive measures.
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High Demand for Sufficient Power Supply This Winter

Power SupplyThe demand for sufficient power supply continually rises as homeowners do their best to cope with the cold weather in their areas and push their heating systems to their limits.

Many people already assume an increase in their utility bills come the peak days of winter as they make their furnace systems work harder to keep them warm inside their homes. Most of them are not well-informed about other home warming methods that can help them reduce energy consumption.
Visit the Duncan Banner website and check out an article on the rising power demand due to the cold weather – click here.
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Summer Camp Tips

Summer CampIs camping part of your plans this coming summer? See to it that you enjoy this adventure by compiling all sorts of preventive measures to mitigate the occurrence of various inconveniences.

Among the worst things about summer camps is the extremely hot weather. Make sure that you are well-equipped to battle this situation by investing on cooling devices and measures.
  • When you get to the camp area, select a campsite that has sufficient shade.
  • Bring a fan and/or a portable AC – this may sound not-so-camp-ish but then again, safety first.
  • Sleep outdoors but be sure to be well-protected against mosquitoes.
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Keeping Cool and Enjoying Summer

people jumpingMany people feel limited during summer because of the hot weather. Because of this, we aren’t able to perform many of our activities – leisurely and otherwise – and most of our summer plans usually go to the do-next-summer-when-it’s-less-hot list.

However, did you know that there are countless things that you can do to keep your body temperature comfortable during hot summer days? If you’re looking for more ways to keep cool and have fun during summer, check out this website – click here.
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Keep Pets Cool During Summer

White dogSummer is a fun time to bond with your pets and take adventures with them in the great outdoors. However, it’s also among the most uncomfortable periods for us humans and animals.
Here are some tips on keeping our pets cool and comfortable this summer:
  • provide them with plenty of water to keep them hydrated
  • keep their shelter or corners cool at all times – but not so cold that they freeze to death
  • give them regular baths and cool them with cold towels during the hottest times of the day
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