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Unique Cooling Gadgets

Posted 11 years ago

Unique Cooling GadgetsNow that warmer days are just around the corner, it may be time to equip yourself with gadgets to keep yourself comfortably cool. Yes, you’re trusty AC is in tip-top shape, however, why not try and get yourself an alternative cooling source to give yourself not only options, but also to prevent overworking your air conditioner. These gadgets are cost-effective while providing you a portable and unique solution to all your cooling needs.

  • Dyson Air Multiplier Fan – Rather than just spin blades to move the air around us, the Dyson design pushes air through a tiny crack along the edge of the fan, to create its own steady and powerful blast of cool air.
  • Brookstone Bed Fan – It can draw 100 cubic feet of air every minute to direct at your bed. Its height is adjustable so you can aim it precisely at your sheets, and comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the temperature while you are in bed.
  • USB Portable Cooling Pad – This USB Mini Portable Cooling Pad cools your hands and wrists as you type by positioning air vents underneath them, which also offers some support for your wrists thanks to its half-moon shape.
  • USB Cooler Cushion – With more and more cars becoming equipped with a USB connector, this USB Cooler Cushion from Thanko could keep your seat cooler on your next road trip. You can even use it on your office chair at work.
  •  USB OptiWind Mouse – With a built-in fan and air vents that shoot cool air into your hand from the mouse, the USB OptiWind Mouse can help your hand stay cool and your mind alert as you work.
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