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Tips on How to Stay Healthy, Cool and Hydrated

Posted 10 years ago

What’s cooler than being cool?Dehydration happens in all parts of the world and is a common circumstance afflicting at least 65 million people globally. With extreme weather occurring nowadays, it has become an even more common thing especially to places where heat is at its highest.

Take note that even a common flu or cold can now increase the risks of dehydration. As extreme weather kicks in, it’s imperative for everyone to be wary of the dangers and practice preventive measures. This applies even to those who consider themselves health buffs since dehydration doesn’t choose only the unhealthy people.

Below are some tips to keep you cool and hydrated.

· Drink at least 6 glasses of water or fluids daily. Avoid drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages during hot weather.

· If you can’t stay at home and there’s no air conditioning system installed, visit the mall or go to a swimming pool to cool off.

· Always begin and end your everyday activities with at least one glass of water.

Visit this page to learn more about dehydration and how to address the problem.

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