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Tips on How to Conduct Basic Water Heater Repairs

Posted 11 years ago

Water heaters have two main variations – gas and electric. The former doesn’t usually use a storage tank while the latter has one fitted to it. Albeit these appliances don’t need high-cost maintenance, regular inspections are vital in ensuring its topnotch performance.

Below are some ideas to get the best results from your water heaters.

– Make sure that the outlet pipes are properly insulated. The use of foam pipe insulation will prevent any heat loss. It’s also considerably the best way to maintain the heater’s efficiency and keep your house abundantly supplied with hot water.

– Depending on how often and extreme you use your water heaters, check its temperature and thermostat settings every so often. This will help prevent hazards from happening. And as a precaution, set the temperature to a degree where scalding hot water accidents aren’t likely to occur.

– Regularly inspect valves to avoid any pressure buildups which can then cause perilous accidents.

Learn more about basic water heater maintenance and repair tips on this page.

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