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Staying Warm on Cold Training Days

Posted 10 years ago

a bike in the snowHow do you motivate yourself to step outside and start the training session on a cold winter day? Whether you take a warm bath, drink hot coffee, or layer up, you need to give extra time for warming up before each workout.

When you’re feeling cold, the body sheds blood away from the extremities to warm your core naturally. People with lower body fat like triathletes, are more prone to cold but warming up before heading outside could get the blood flow back to the extremities.

Here are some tips on keeping warm while doing outdoor activities:

– To stay warm at the pool, you can double up your swim caps using a full neoprene heat cap on the outside.

– To stay warm when bike training, weal full-length tights, gloves and compression socks. As temperature drops, make sure to cover your face and your neck.

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