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Stanford Team Develop New Solar Structure Type

Posted 11 years ago

Stanford Team Develop New Solar Structure TypeA Stanford team has developed a new type of cooling panel that still works effectively even when the sun is shining. The new solar panel could greatly improve the daylight cooling of buildings, cars, and other structures by radiating sunlight. The paper describing the new device was published in Nano Letters on March 5.

Shanhui Fan, a professor of electrical engineering and the paper’s senior author said, “People usually see space as a source of heat from the sun, but away from the sun outer space is really a cold, cold place”. “We’ve developed a new type of structure that reflects the vast majority of sunlight, while at the same time it sends heat into that coldness, which cools man-made structures even in the daytime.”

The new structure achieves two goals. First, it is an effective broadband mirror for solar light which reflects most of the sunlight. Secondly, it gives off thermal radiation effectively within the essential wavelength range which is needed to escape from the atmosphere of the Earth.


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