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Several Tips to Stay Warm under Freezing Temperatures

Posted 10 years ago

Today’s temperatures are becoming colder or hotter than normal because of extreme weather events. Experts believe this trend will continue because of climate change. Below are some tips to keep you warm during extremely cold weather.

– As much as possible, dress in layers or clothes that keep your warm even if you’re just going out for a short time. You don’t know what will happen next; you may end up exposed to cold for a longer time than you expected.

– Set the house’s temperature according to the household’s health and activity level. Remember that what may be right for you may not always be right for an elderly or sickly person.

– Even when you’re inside the house, don’t forget to dress warmly.

– Never drink alcoholic beverages when the weather’s cold. It only increases your chances of feeling cold because it lowers the body’s heat-retaining ability.

– Don’t wear damp clothing because it will make you prone to getting hypothermia or unusually low body temperature.

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