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Prince of Wales Helps Farmers Affected by Extreme Weather

Posted 11 years ago

Prince of Wales Helps Farmers Affected by Extreme WeatherExtreme wet weather has affected farmers living in the South West, and it is a good thing that they would now be able to receive emergency financial help from no less than the Prince of Wales himself.

It has been announced by the Prince’s Countryside Fund that it would be donating around 150,000 Pounds from its emergency fund to aid farmers who are having a difficult time getting through the winter months because of the extreme wet weather.

A confirmation has been made by the Duke of Westminster that he would personally match the amount of the funding and that means that the initial amount would be doubled because of it.

According to the Prince of Wales, “I have been growing increasingly concerned about the many difficulties which farmers from all sectors are facing – and are likely to face – this winter and so I thought it was important for us to come together, hear what we each have to report and then I want to see what I can do to help through my Prince’s Countryside Fund.”

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