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Planes Meant for Extreme Weather Conditions Tested

Posted 11 years ago

Planes Meant for Extreme Weather Conditions TestedCNN has reported that the engineering department of Cardiff University was able to create a state-of-the-art “lightning lab” in which bolts of electricity are shot right onto the components of aircrafts. This is due to the fact that airplanes regularly fly in hazardous conditions and lightning strikes are constant threats for the planes to make emergency landings due to the sudden shock that the electrical system might suffer.

The basic idea behind this is to be able to recreate whatever conditions there are at the moment that lightning strikes a plane at 35,000 feet. Recreating those conditions would serve to test the fortitude of conductor strips and composite materials that are present on modern planes.

Professor Manu Hadad of Cardiff University’s Institute of Energy told CNN that, “There is a lightning strike every second around the world (and) every single aircraft is hit by lightning once a year.”

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