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Occurrence on Indian Ocean Used to Predict Extreme Weather Events

Posted 10 years ago

The event that transpired in the Indian Ocean was believed as a great help in predicting extreme weather events in the next six months.

The phenomenon is called the Indian Ocean Dipole and is described as the difference in sea surface temperatures in the east and west parts of the ocean. This has been occurring since but it was only recently that it was at its most influential. An occurrence that surprised experts, nonetheless.

It was believed and reported that the happening in the Indian Ocean, although least understood to this point, is affecting Australia’s climate. A group of international scientists spearheaded by Dr. Wenju Cai has confirmed the event. They are also positive that understanding the relationship between extreme weather events and the Indian Ocean will help farmers, citizens, and the government for future incidents.

Read Indian Ocean phenomenon helping to predict extreme weather for more information.

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