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Natural Calamity Detection and Preparation Heavily Affected by Extreme Weather

Posted 10 years ago

Before extreme weather became a common thing in recent years, people were usually aware and forewarned of natural disasters that were set to come. However, as of late, these calamities strike without warning, leaving people unprepared.

In the last couple of years, unexpected natural calamities such as floods, hurricanes, droughts, and tornadoes were experienced. Even big cities like New York have been heavily affected by extreme weather. As a matter of fact, a large area of the United States has been suffering because of climate change.

Experts believe that because of extreme weather changes, a string of natural calamities that can go out-of-hand is likely to transpire. A good example of this is Super Storm Sandy and the 700-mile wind storm that incapacitated all of Washington, DC in 2012.

By changing your perspective regarding extreme weather occurrences, you will be equipped with the ability on how to properly deal with it as well as be a responsible business owner, if you are.

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