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Mornington Peninsula Residents Told to Cut Down AC Usage

Posted 11 years ago

Mornington Peninsula Residents Told to Cut Down AC UsageDespite weather forecasts of hot climate, residents of Mornington Peninsula are being asked to cut their use of air conditioners due to an electricity problem suppliers are trying to fix. United Energy, says technicians are working to fix the problem that cut power to around 1,500 homes at Sorrento, Portsea and Blairgowrie.
United Energy spokesman, Stuart Allott, says limiting electricity use will make more power cuts less likely. “We are proactively speaking with local businesses in the area to ask if they could potentially reduce any electricity use over the long weekend and into next week,” he said. “That means minimizing air conditioner use, which is a big gouger of electricity.”
Although cutting down on power usage, officials say that if people have any serious health conditions, they shouldn’t hesitate to use their ACs as the well-being of citizens is still a major concern.
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