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Marine Life Slowed Down Due to Climate Change

Posted 10 years ago

coralsClimate change has been showing adverse effects to mankind, plants, and animals. Scientists revealed that marine life is expected to decrease because of climate change.

The warmer oceans are pushing fishes away from their common breeding grounds. People who depend on fish as a staple food and source of income are now endangered of having less fishes to catch and eat daily. Regarding where the fishes will relocate is still a mystery for the experts. However, predictions have been given based on different studies on how animals move.

Researchers from Princeton University explained that in order to find out where marine life is to relocate next, following temperature changes is essential. Sea creatures, for example, consistently keep up with climate velocity or where the ocean temperature moves. In line with this, there are 43 years of compiled data pertaining to marine life movement of 360 species in Northern America.

An ecology and evolutionary biology research, Malin Pinsky, said that following temperature changes will make it easier for other scientists to predict where marine species will move to.

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