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Keep your Cool During the Summer and While Working Out

Posted 11 years ago

Keep your Cool During the Summer and While Working OutEven if it’s summer time, it’s not a reason for you to break away from being fit and healthy. Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean you’ll just feel hot all season round. Here are 5 ways to keep you cool:

1.       Be hydrated – Drink plentiful amount of fluids especially water.

2.       Exercise smarter – Try to decrease your exercise’s intensity and do it when the sun isn’t too hot to handle.

3.       Adaptation – Let the body adapt to heat by small daily exposures.

4.       Clothing – Lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton will facilitate cooling of your body.

5.       Exercise together – Aside from it’s fun, it’s also safer to be with someone during the exercise session.

Here is what Barry Franklin, Ph. D., director of the William Beaumont Hospital Cardiac Rehab and Exercise Laboratories in Royal Oak, Michigan had to say: “Most studies suggest many of the key benefits are lost in four to six weeks of inactivity.”

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