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Is Australia Facing Extreme Weather Changes?

Posted 10 years ago

Is Australia Facing Extreme Weather ChangesEarlier last year, once in a blue moon floods hit Great Britain and Ireland, wreaking havoc and causing almost $1.52 billion worth of damages. In June, the highest temperature has been recorded in Russia which caused wildfires consuming 74 million acres of land. A few months after this, Hurricane Sandy took its toll in seven countries, killing hundreds of people and damaging $75 billion worth of properties.

While these events seem bad enough, extreme weather phenomena seem to be commonplace now in Australia. The country experienced major spikes in temperature which resulted in devastating incidents since January of this year, 2013. Last January 18th, the 2nd hottest day in the country’s history was recorded to be at 45.8°C (114.4°F), barely reaching 50.7°C (123.2°F) which happened in 1960.

“The ground, the building, everything is so hot, you walk outside and you feel it’s going to burn you,” Lynnie Plate, the exhausted owner of an establishment, told a reporter at the time.

You can read more on this shocking issue by visiting this site.

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