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How to Stay Warm in the Cold and Freezing Weather

Posted 10 years ago

The cold weather can be detrimental to anyone’s healthThe cold weather can be detrimental to anyone’s health. Hence, it is important to dress warmly on any day this winter season.

If you are one of the people who hate dressing up because of the fear of discomfort, it is high time you face your fears. Here are some tips on dressing warm and feeling comfortable altogether:

  • Dress in layers but avoid wearing cotton in a cold weather. The base layer can be something that you can use during fall and spring.
  • Wear clothes that will match your activity for the day. If you are doing laborious activities like hiking, do not wear bulky clothes, as this will hinder your performance.
  • You can wear a hat to regulate the heat within your body. If you feel too hot, take it off; wear it, on the other hand, when it feels cold again.

The Fresno Bee will be able to provide you with more ideas on how to dress warmly and comfortably.

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