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How to Stay Warm During Cold Weather

Posted 10 years ago

Forecasts for extreme weather conditions this winter season are expected in some areas this year. With this and the rise of fuel prices, electric bills for the upcoming season are also expected to increase drastically if no action is done.

The price hike on natural gas, electricity bills, and propane is going to affect ninety four percent of the entire households in the United States. In line with this, users of heating oil will experience the least price increase albeit the anticipation of it being record-high. Because of this, many homeowners are finding ways to somehow lower their electricity bills this winter.

If you’re up for the challenge, here goes:

– Lower your thermostat levels. You can keep yourself warm by adding more layers to your everyday attire and placing more blankets on your bed. Additionally, keep your heaters programmed to turn off at specific times to save money.

– Don’t forget to insulate pipes especially those located outside the house and deliver hot water all throughout. Because more energy is needed to heat water during winter, it’s best to use cold water when washing clothes and dishes.

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