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How to Sell Your AC

Posted 11 years ago

How to Sell Your ACThe following are tips on how to sell your air conditioner based on the instructions on

  • Accumulate air conditioners at a cheap price. – Go to yard sales and stores going out of business where you can buy ACs for a bargain and resell them for a profit. You can also purchase at air conditioner stores on seasons when they aren’t needed, chances are units will be up on sale.
  • Wait for the dog days of summer to arrive. – Most people won’t buy AC’s on cooler months or when they aren’t needed so make sure to put them back on the market when customers are itching for some cool comfort in their homes.
  • Check out your competitors. – Call big time companies and check what they have up on sale. When they run out of stock, that would be the perfect time to pounce.
  • Advertise your air conditioners. – It’s impractical to lug around this heavy appliance to show to perspective customers, instead take pictures to print on flyers or post on the internet and sit back and wait for people to contact you.
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