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How to on Check Why Your AC Isn’t Working

Posted 11 years ago

There are many reasons why air conditioning units don’t work just when you need them. They usually fail because of incorrect installation, poor maintenance and insufficient servicing.air conditioning unit

Federal Department of Energy came up with a few common problems with air conditioning units along with how you can troubleshoot them.

  1. Refrigerant leaks– Air conditioning units work efficiently when the refrigerant charges matches the specifications of the manufacturer. In order to fix those leaks, you will need to hire a trained technician.
  2. Inadequate maintenance– Dirty air conditioning coils and filters can cause unit malfunction. Make sure that you clean the filters and coils regularly.
  3. Electrical control failure– Fan controls and compressors of your air conditioning unit can wear out. Have a trained technician check the electrical connections during a service call.
  4. Sensor problems– Check your sensor if it is knocked out of position. If it is far from the coil, carefully bend the wire that holds it in place.

Visit for more tips on how you troubleshoot some air conditioning problems.

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