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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner Brand

Posted 11 years ago

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner BrandNow that the temperatures are starting to rise in most parts of the world, including America. It may be time to go shopping for a new air conditioner to keep you comfortably cool indoors. Whether getting an AC for a new place or replacing an old unit, you can benefit from these tips by Merle Huerta of

Consumer Search recommends using price as your guide when shopping for a new or replacement central air conditioner. In terms of equipment, buy only what you need to cool your home’s interior and choose one with a SEER or EnergyStar efficiency rating.
Avoid air conditioners that use freon as a refrigerant, producing hydrocarbons in the environment. Choose air conditioners that use Puron, known as R-410 refrigerant. EnergyStar recommends that if you’re replacing an older air conditioner with one having a higher efficiency rating.
Bryant, Carrier and Trane are highly rated in terms of equipment quality and efficiency, but they do not sell directly to consumers. If you wish to save money on the equipment, you will have to ask individual dealers. Each manufacturer has a list of suppliers and trained contractors they refer sales to.
Most central air conditioner manufacturers don’t advertise price on their websites. However, Furnace Compare, a website that compiles comprehensive buying guidelines and reviews on HVAC equipment, provides a report examining more than 300 central air conditioners.
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