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Homeowners Should Be Able to Handle Simple AC Maintenance Tasks

Posted 10 years ago

Here’s an AC maintenance tip from Alpharetta air conditioning¬†experts at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning:

“Homeowners should clean air conditioner periodically, as well.¬†Using a garden hose, a homeowner can spray down the coils, and then use an air conditioning cleaner on them. Homeowners should be sure to follow all directions on the cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse the coils after cleaning them. The unit should be allowed to dry thoroughly before being used.”

It is a common misconception among many home owners that AC maintenance means calling for a technician to do the job. However, even maintenance companies advise that owners handle the simple tasks, such as regular cleaning and changing filters, instead of calling for experts. This can definitely help them avoid unnecessary expenses on services that they can actually do on their own.
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