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Heating and Air Conditioning Powered by Solar Panels

Posted 10 years ago

In our attempt to seek for more greener, energy-efficient solutionsIn our attempt to seek for more greener, energy-efficient solutions, many of our scientists have infused the use of solar panels in powering up homes. This way, on top of cutting down on our use of electricity and gas, we are still able to enjoy the comforts we all love to have in our homes — minus all the extra energy charges and expenditures.

Now, researchers from the Madrid Universities Carlos III and Politécnica say that these methods don’t have to be limited to households as solar panels can also be used for office spaces.

Business owners will surely be pleased by the concept as it is suggested to be useful in giving workplaces heating during colder months and air conditioning during the summer. This is particularly helpful for big office spaces and those with a larger workforce.

For more on the use of solar panels, visit Science Daily.
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