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Extreme Weather Triggers Climate Changes

Posted 10 years ago

An international team of experts spearheaded by Markus Reichstein, Director of Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, has conducted research on the link between extreme weather and climate changes. They found out that terrestrial ecosystems now easily absorb 11 billion tons lesser carbon dioxide this year due to climate change. This statistics are said to equal 1/3 or 30% of the world’s annual carbon dioxide emissions.

Experts say that when carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere, it heats up the earth and causes various extreme weather events. Some of these include heat waves, very heavy rains and thunderstorms, lengthier droughts, among others. As of now, more studies are being conducted to determine whether this extreme weather is the culprit of more CO2 emissions from terrestrial ecosystems.

Indications of the link between the two have been underestimated by scientists in eight different countries. The heat wave that struck Central and Southern Europe in 2003, however, prompted experts to launch the CARBO-Extreme Project. This aims to study the relationship and effects this disturbing connection has to the environment.

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