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Extreme Weather Not Expected During Winter Storm

Posted 11 years ago

Extreme Weather Not Expected During Winter StormExtreme weather is not being expected during the course of the winter storm that comes from the coast and is approaching Kern County. The storm is actually proceeding very slowly and Bakersfield is only expected to experience a few rain showers as well as a few inches of snow that’s going to fall in the mountains over the weekend.

Bakersfield should not expect any rain, this is what Jim Andersen, who is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Harford, has to stay.

According to Andersen, “This storm coming in from the Morro Bay area is only going to bring about a quarter of an inch of rain to Bakersfield, so no heavy rain is expected.”

The Kern Mountain’s east side is going to be affected by the moisture that’s originating from the south, particularly because the storm is traveling quite slowly.

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