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Extreme Weather Conditions Affect Low-Income People the Most

Posted 10 years ago

It’s been reported by the Center for American Progress on Monday, August 19, that low-income people are the ones mostly affected by extreme weather conditions.

According to the report,  neighborhoods that are living slightly above and way below poverty level aren’t that prepared to face fallouts due to storms and other calamities. As a result, this population has a harder time dealing with the devastation of extreme weather.

To prevent this from happening in the future, several policy recommendations were enumerated. These were all aimed to strengthen low-income communities’ resilience against devastating calamities. Such propositions include remodeling of existing buildings and environment to be able to withstand and guard against storm damages.

Another suggestion includes adjusting disaster-related insurances to a more affordable price for the low-income populace. By doing this, there will be more people who can seek assistance after experiencing grave losses in a major catastrophe.

You can learn more about this report and find out how you can be of help if you click here.

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