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Extreme Weather Causing a Great Impact All Over United States

Posted 10 years ago

A civil and environmental engineering professor, Joshua S. Fu, was accurate with the evidences he provided regarding studies on extreme weather and climate change. The University of Tennessee professor warned staff and students of the impact climate change will have in the US if the situation continues.

He presented the facts he gathered at the Baker Center last 29th August 2013 with hopes of informing his audience of the cause and effect of extreme weather. Such impacts include drastic changes in air quality, health, food, agriculture, and biological ecosystem functions.

In his presentation, he showed a prediction of what 2057 to 2059 will be for living things if climate change continues. It was shown that the United States was completely covered in red to emphasize how extreme heat waves will affect the country. He also included graphs and diagrams showing the statistics of the bad effects climate change has on the earth as a result of mankind’s activities.

The entire article can be found and read by clicking here.

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