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Extreme Weather Causes Loss of Thousands of Turtle Eggs

Posted 11 years ago

xtreme Weather Causes Loss of Thousands of Turtle EggsThe recovery of the sea turtle population has just been struck a major blow by Mother Nature itself. Progress towards increasing the sea turtle population is already being made after years of depletion that was due to boat strikes, trawler nets, and the presence of plastic in coastal waters, that is, until this recent blow.

Thousands of eggs of endangered sea turtles were washed away because ex-tropical cyclone Oswald caused huge tides and caused the seas to rise.

Most of the eggs that were laid early were already about to hatch when the worst of the bad weather hit it. The season for turtle nesting starts from November and goes through April.

It is estimated that about 46,000 eggs and probably even hatchlings were lost because of the extreme weather in Mon Repos, which is one of the biggest turtle rookeries in Queensland.

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