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Experts Give Warning Against Growing and Intensifying Extreme Weathers

Posted 10 years ago

Experts Give Warning Against Growing and Intensifying Extreme WeathersHas the recent weather been extreme and harsh lately? You better start getting used to it as scientists have issued a forewarning on the 8th annual energy conference that was held at the New York Institute of Technology. The event happened last June 13, 2013 in Old Westbury where discussions about coping up with extreme weather and climate change patterns were opened.

The gathering of experts was organized because of the recent round of severe storms that struck the Tri-State area. “We’re seeing an increase in the extreme events and increase in damage associated with them as we’ve become more vulnerable,” said Louis Uccellini, Director of the National Weather Service.

Part of the topics discussed during the conference was an estimated report that by 2050, 101% increase in the number of coastal flooding victims will be observed. Sea levels will also rise 2 more feet on that same year, reportedly.

To learn more on this alarming issue, read through the rest of the story here.

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