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Experts Advise the Public on Staying Warm and Safe During Winter

Posted 10 years ago

Winter-cold temperature will last until February of next yearWinter-cold temperature will last until February of next year, which further increases the need for every home to have heaters installed. Because of this, accidents involving fires and heaters have also risen.

In the hopes of lessening the casualties and disasters, the San Bernardino County Fire Department came up with the following tips:

  • Starting next year, make it a habit to change furnace filters to ensure the equipment is fully functional, running smoothly and safe.
  • Make sure that the thermostat is properly working.
  • Inspect heater vents and make sure there is nothing blocking heat passage.
  • Leave the more complex inspections and cleaning of your heating systems to the professionals.

Read WINTER ADVICE: Fire Department offers tips for staying warm, safe for more details.

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