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Do-It-Yourself Alternatives to Stay Cool During Summer

Posted 11 years ago

Toddler-enjoying-air-cond-002The best alternative to make you cool is to have an air conditioner, but not everyone has the luxury of owning one. Lifehacker made several lists of DIY ideas to stay cool during summer even if you don’t have an air conditioner.

  • Instead of just running the fan, take a shallow bowl and fill it with ice. Place the bowl in front of the fan and as the ice evaporates, it will cool the air.
  • If you’re finding an open window isn’t sufficient, spray a sheet with cold water and use it to cover the window’s opening.
  • Set up a couple of inexpensive box fans in windows on opposite sides of a room to create a nice through-breeze.
  • Turning off your appliances when they aren’t in use are all good ways to keep the temperature down.

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