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Determine Which Type of Air Conditioner You Need

Posted 11 years ago

AIRYou can find a wide selection of air conditioners on eBay. Determine which type of unit works for you based on the size of your home, the rooms you want to cool, and the climate where you live.

Here are some pointers that you may consider when selecting which type of air conditioner you need.

  • Highly mobile portable air conditioners, also called ductless AC units, plug into the wall to help you beat the heat. However, it can only cool one room at a time.
  • Fixed-unit air conditioners remain in one room, either window units and wall units.
  • Split air conditioning systems come in two pieces, it works with one piece indoor and one outdoor. It is high in initial cost, but offers increased efficiency and less noise.
  • Ducted air conditioning systems, also known as central AC units, are comprised of a series of ducts that let you maintain different temperatures for different areas of your home.

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